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Offshore printing with Tingleman comes with a quality guarantee. Right up to the point of delivery, we guarantee the quality of your goods. That means Tingleman manages the quality assurance requirements through manufacturing, packaging and transit. You are express couriered an example of the manufactured output before we ship. We take the long-distance quality concerns out of the quality assurance mix when you source offshore.

Tingleman runs multiple test runs and due diligence tests on suppliers before entrusting your printing to them. We source exclusively from world's-best-practice manufacturers who use the latest technology, and set world-class QA standards for themselves. On top of this, we stay with jobs throughout production. Your job will be subjected to stringent testing during production and before leaving the factory. The quality controller allocated to your job will supervise packaging for export, arrange insurance and export documentation, and ensure your consignment is shipped with minimal delay. You receive air freighted advances to check before goods leave the factory. After arriving, the consignment is rechecked in our warehouse before being shipped to you. Our process and guarantee ends when your goods arrive safely in your warehouse, not at the factory gate, in a foreign country, where you have no say or control. And it is not just the manufacture of your goods we supervise. Due to our stringent packaging standards, using Tingleman means the bulk of your goods will arrive looking as pristine as the air freighted advance copy we sent prior to shipping.

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